The Morocco, featuring Preserved Lemons

Remove and discard pulp from lemon rind. Rinse rind, slice into thirds, and place on cocktail skewer.

Shake liquid ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker; strain into chilled Martini glass. Garnish with lemon and serve.

Preserved Lemons

Wash lemons thoroughly. Quarter and remove all visible seeds.

Cover the bottom of a glass jar with salt and throw in any spices you want to include. Roll each lemon quarter in salt, coating as thoroughly as possible. Place it in the jar. As jar fills, press down. Your goal is to force enough juice out that the lemons are mostly covered in their own juice when the jar is filled. When the jar is mostly full, sprinkle some more salt on top, close the jar, and let it sit at room temperature for two weeks. Should yeild about two jars, depending on the size of your jars and your lemons.


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comment by Mieke:

Hm - sounds very tasty. And it sounds like the lemon is preserved well, and can therefore live outside of the fridge. Perfect for an Emergency Martini Kit, if one happeneth on one:) -- Mieke.


Can I have one by Arun Sannuti:

I'll take the martini, if I have to. (I'd love the martini, but I know I'll like the lemons more.)


preserved lemons are preserved by Sebbo:

Word on the web has it that they'll keep for several months at room temp, or over a year in the fridge. Since I made my first batch a month ago, I can't really speak from personal experience on this yet. Clearly, though, if I find someone with an Emergency Martini Kit and an experimental cast of mind, I should donate some for research purposes...

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