Hearts of Darkness

I only actually tried making this once, so further refinements of the recipe may well be called for. This dish was inspired by the confluence of a surplus of biscuit mix lying around the house, Jarret's food pr0n rants on dark chocolate and prefab pastry dough, and Arun's Vegan Desserts and Poker birthday party. Considering how my poker playing came out, I'm glad the dessert was pretty good.

Mix 2 Cups Biscuit Mix, 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar, and a Pinch of Salt with about 1 Cup Soy Milk. Add the soy milk little by little--the mixture should come out fairly firm--a little softer than biscuit dough.

Flour your hands, and, using about a Tbsp at at time, wrap the dough around the pieces of 1 Trader Joe's Pound Plus Dark Chocolate Bar or equivalent, broken into squares. Take care that each square is completely enclosed.

Place the squares on a cookie sheet. If I got my quantities right, you should have enough dough to cover the entire bar. If you're gonna err, err on the side of too little dough. Dark chocolate left over is never much of an inconvenience....

Bake the squares in a 350° oven for about twenty minutes. Remove when tops begin to brown. Serve hot; eat with caution--the interiors are hot and runny. Yield: about 40 pieces. Most people can eat about two.

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