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Mon, Mar 29, 2004

Twisted But Not Narrow

Twisted But Not Narrow

This one I've only been talking about doing for a year or so.I think it looks pretty good--this was my most serious attempt yet to use the Gimp for Windows (I see a new version is available--hopefully it's a little more stable). Given that I'm actually managing to be topical for once, I've seized the opportunity to set up a little CafePress store. Feel free to shower me with money there. However, the image--like most of the rest of this site--is under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to make your own tee-shirts or whatnot, so long as you don't sell 'em, and you give me credit. The image links to a larger, higher-quality copy for just such purposes.

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Wed, Mar 24, 2004

Mutant Fist

six-fingered fist

In college, I saw a lot of ISO posters around campus (the 'S' is for Socialist, not Standards, ya dadblame geek). I planned, from time to time, to do spoof postering, from the Local Discordian Disorganization. Like so many of my more ambitious ideas, I never quite got around to it, though.

I finally did do the graphic a couple years ago. I intended mutant as a synonym for freak, but those X-Men movies have kind of altered the popular conception of what the words "mutant" and "power" mean in juxtaposition. I'll change it to freak sometime when I get around to it...

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Sat, Mar 13, 2004

No Webrings

This site belongs to
No Webrings

Do you go it alone, do you take the road less travelled? Let viewers know where your allegiances lie with this forceful image.

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Andres Posse

The Starbucks logo, modified with an image of Andre the Giant

Originally conceived back when I was working at the Starbucks in Arlington Center, and executed with copies of Photoshop on the computers of Mark Hessman and Jason Williams, to whom much thanks. When I went down to Kinko's to make a bunch of stickers with the image, the guy at the counter said I could only do it if I was a Starbucks employee, since it used their logo. I showed him my employee card, and he happily ran off the copies for me.

I sent a copy to Shepard Fairey, and he very kindly mailed me a fat envelope of stickers and postcards. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get myself sued.

UPDATE: andre.jpg is currently the fifth hit for a Google Images search for the name "Andre," with a commensurate uptick in folks linking it from messageboards and so on. I don't have a problem with that (at least not on the scale on which it's currently happening), but it does kind of vex me that the posters don't bother to credit me.

So, I tweaked the image to include a signature. Unfortunately, that's underscored just how crappy the image quality is. I really need to go back and redo it from scratch sometime soon.

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Shade Structures: The Definitive Guide

Shade Structures book cover

I had this plan, see, back in 1999: I was going to do the ultimate guide to Burningman architecture. A cover image and a list of interested contributors is as far as I ever actually got. It was a pretty neat cover image, though.

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Visitor Counter


Want to look popular? Put this spiffy counter at the bottom of your website to let your visitors know that the cool kids have been there first. Guaranteed to remain more-or-less accurate most of the time.

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Mon, Mar 08, 2004

A Tiling Background Image


I started with a concert photo of Tom Waits, and mucked around with it in ArtPaint for a while. Tile it vertically and it makes a nice disturbing page background, eh?

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