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Mar 2004

No Compassion, by the Talking Heads, from '77. (/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)
100 Demons, by Lynda Barry. (/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)
The Book of Leviathan, by Peter Blegvald (/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)
The Legendary Marvin Pontiac's Greatest Hits, by John Lurie (/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)
Names(/diaries/diary/silly/; 4 comments)
Know what you're paying for(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Zombocom!(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Live, or something like it.(/diaries/diary/geek/; 4 comments)
Then why don't you marry it?(/diaries/diary/geek/; comment)
Copious apologies(/diaries/diary/; comment)
A little math game(/diaries/diary/geek/; 4 comments)
Whoami (/diaries/diary/silly/; 4 comments)
Poker Night Results(/diaries/diary/silly/; 3 comments)
Underwood casemod(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
The Well of Despair(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
The Twenty-First Century Apology(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Hearts of Darkness(/diaries/diary/food/; comment)
The Shameful Truth (/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
You take your miracles where you can get them.(/diaries/diary/silly/; 4 comments)
Oh, look, dear. There's a lion on your porch.(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
And about time, too!(/diaries/diary/food/; 5 comments)
The Life of Crime(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Another reason not to trust the authorities(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Finder, by Carla Speed McNeil(/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; 151 comments)
Cougar-proof hats, or, Throwing in the Dowel(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Wherein My Own Horn is Tooted(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Wherein My Own Horn is Tooted Some More(/diaries/diary/; 4 comments)
The Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson(/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)

Apr 2004

Get 'Down, make love!(/diaries/diary/geek/; 3 comments)
That Darn Energy Task Force Again, or, What's Good for General Bullmoose (/diaries/diary/politics/; 4 comments)
Catching Up and Cashing In(/diaries/diary/politics/; 4 comments)
You Oughta Been There(/diaries/diary/media/recommend/; comment)
A week in the hospital (/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)

May 2004

Did I say a week?(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
PICC(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
No horseradish, please. It clogs the tubes(/diaries/diary/observed/; 4 comments)
Disease of the Month Club comes through again(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
What Happened, Part 1(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 1 comment)
Paroled (/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 1 comment)
Paroled (/diaries/diary/life/; 5 comments)
DePICCted(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
On the other hand(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
More Globe Hijinks(/diaries/diary/politics/; 5 comments)
Lion withdrawl(/diaries/diary/observed/; 4 comments)
Annoyingly Vague/ A Great Day(/diaries/diary/politics/; 5 comments)
The Smear(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 1 comment)
Did the Hand then of the Potter shake?(/diaries/diary/observed/; 6 comments)
Unwarranted generalizations(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
This is a Sebbo News Flash!(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
I can't understand it!(/diaries/diary/silly/; 2 comments)
Intermodal Man! Thank goodness you're here!(/diaries/diary/life/; 4 comments)
What Happened, Part 2: (/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 590 comments)
Old is New(/diaries/diary/geek/; 6 comments)

Jun 2004

Charlotte and I are breaking up.(/diaries/diary/life/; 4 comments)
Reasons not to go to Burningman(/diaries/diary/burningman/; 4 comments)
Subdividing the Lima Bean(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Fuzzy Bits: a Quick Reference Guide(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
The Last HCL Update?(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
Brief Biopsy News(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; comment)
A line that made Spike giggle(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Back in the Saddle Again(/diaries/diary/observed/; 2 comments)
Paul Prudhomme(/diaries/diary/silly/; 6 comments)
A dream in driftwood(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
some questions are more fun to ask than answer.(/diaries/diary/observed/; 10 comments)
The Ring of Truth(/diaries/diary/politics/; 8 comments)

Jul 2004

Today's quote(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)

Aug 2004

Out and About(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
T&K Wedding Report, just a little late(/diaries/diary/silly/; 9 comments)
My First Fatwa(/diaries/diary/media/; 5 comments)
Standing By(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Secret Handshakes(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
ThisJust In(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Emotional Weather Report(/diaries/diary/life/; 4 comments)
Sen. Joe Biden: Demagogue or Idiot?(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Todo/Semiantiinconspicuousness(/diaries/diary/; 4 comments)

Sep 2004

Is there anything lamer than posting IM transcripts to your blog?(/diaries/diary/burningman/; comment)
goodbye, Reno(/diaries/diary/life/; comment)
Deep breath. Hold it. And out(/diaries/diary/observed/; 4 comments)
You know you're living in the twenty-first century when someone says...(/diaries/diary/observed/; 1 comment)

Oct 2004

Found Art(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
debate review(/diaries/diary/politics/; 4 comments)
Those pesky pagans!(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)

Nov 2004

Missing Words(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 1 comment)
The Soul-Destroying Cunning of Sheep(/diaries/diary/observed/; 5 comments)
One down...(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Speaking of silver linings(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Grisly Cement Accidents(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Give Me Free Tech Support (Or Kill Me)(/diaries/diary/geek/; comment)

Dec 2004

Solution for the record, or Dobbs Helps Those Who Help Themselves (To A Sucker's Cash)(/diaries/diary/geek/; 1 comment)

Jan 2005

Volume II, in which my blog rises from the grave to feed upon the flesh of the living(/diaries/diary/geek/site/; comment)
Flashed(/diaries/diary/observed/; 1 comment)
Skyscrapers(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
The Unkindest Cut, or, Miss January(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)

Feb 2005

Trash(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Welcome to Memento Morrie's tchochke emporium!(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
This book comes pre-parodied for your convenience(/diaries/diary/silly/; 4 comments)
Happy International Day of the Geoduck(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Do you or someone you know suffer from Neurotypical syndrome?(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Looking at Photographs(/diaries/diary/media/; comment)
What were they thinking!?(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Omni Extaris(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Holy shit!(/diaries/diary/politics/; 2 comments)
Gettin' my Bone On(/diaries/diary/links/; 1 comment)
More Autism Links(/diaries/diary/links/; comment)
Silliness For Sale(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Comments are back up.(/diaries/diary/geek/site/; 4 comments)
ick(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Comment system upgraded(/diaries/diary/geek/site/; comment)

Mar 2005

Mulligatawny(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Boutique oil(/diaries/diary/politics/; 2 comments)
Afternoon nap(/diaries/diary/media/; comment)
Alphabet(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 4 comments)
More Oosiky Goodness(/diaries/diary/links/; 1 comment)
A few more words about Gravatars(/diaries/diary/geek/; 62 comments)
Yet More Autism Links(/diaries/diary/links/; 2 comments)
Playa Ăsthetics(/diaries/diary/burningman/; 6 comments)
Nuggets(/diaries/diary/politics/; 13 comments)
Slippery Symbolism(/diaries/diary/media/; 3 comments)

Apr 2005

The Vatican and Reproductive Rights(/diaries/diary/politics/; 8 comments)
Ow, my brain(/diaries/diary/observed/; 2 comments)

May 2005

Faint Praise(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
subtractive graffiti(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Why bother with digital SLRs?(/diaries/diary/geek/; comment)

Jun 2005

Technology Watch(/diaries/diary/geek/; comment)
Smart(/diaries/diary/geek/; comment)
Flashulence(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
The Horrors of Addiction(/diaries/diary/observed/; 1 comment)
Keeping Up Appearances(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
New word please.(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 5 comments)

Jul 2005

tapenade(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 1 comment)
Costco in the New York Times(/diaries/diary/politics/; 2 comments)
Conversions(/diaries/diary/food/; 4 comments)
I win!(/diaries/diary/life/; 1 comment)

Aug 2005

Rochambeaux Dragon(/diaries/diary/silly/; 1 comment)
Welcome to Wumbindoor(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Summum!(/diaries/diary/links/; 2 comments)
Dialogue from last year:(/diaries/diary/burningman/; comment)
Fame Through Obscurity(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Hey, kids! Do you know what time it is?(/diaries/diary/life/; comment)
What 'is' is.(/diaries/diary/politics/; 5 comments)
is this an advantage or disadvantage of my new haircut?(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
I'm not hip enough(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Sebbo meets the Obedient Cat(/diaries/diary/observed/; 3 comments)

Sep 2005

Happy Minor Injury Week!(/diaries/diary/life/; comment)
Those wacky electrical engineers(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)

Oct 2005

Lux, Veritas, Lardum(/diaries/diary/burningman/; comment)
Scootin'(/diaries/diary/burningman/; 3 comments)
Son of Missing Words(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 2 comments)
Cancer is *definitely* not a family value(/diaries/diary/politics/; 1 comment)
Wisdom(/diaries/diary/silly/; comment)
Weirdest spam I've gotten in a while(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)
Quote of the Week(/diaries/diary/politics/; 3 comments)

Nov 2005

Turkey Necks!(/diaries/diary/food/; 1 comment)
Stabilize your age...or else(/diaries/diary/silly/; 1 comment)
Topical Quotes Roundup(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Polite Pretense(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)

Dec 2005

CV Tip(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the arteries(/diaries/diary/food/; comment)
Long Peppers(/diaries/diary/food/; comment)
Headline of the Year(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
I. Am. That. CucumberMan.(/diaries/diary/food/; 2 comments)
Semi Dogs(/diaries/diary/food/; comment)
marketing demographics(/diaries/diary/geek/; 2 comments)
Absolutely false(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
things I learned from "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"(/diaries/diary/media/; comment)
Uninformative(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)

Feb 2006

More annals of not-quite-apology(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Oh, the Enormity!(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 1 comment)
...And Least Informative Headline of the Year goes to....(/diaries/diary/observed/; 2 comments)

Mar 2006

Night Watch(/diaries/diary/media/; 192 comments)
How to Read Aloud(/diaries/diary/howto/; comment)
Satire(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Return of the Unwelcome Guest(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 5 comments)
Countdown timer(/diaries/diary/geek/; 1 comment)
where to find the Silliness(/diaries/diary/life/hcl/; 2 comments)

Apr 2006

Afternoon rides needed this week(/diaries/diary/life/; 4 comments)
Life imitates satire once again(/diaries/diary/politics/; 1 comment)
Monkey Flavor(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Duelling jargons(/diaries/diary/glossary/; comment)
Spring Cleaning Pasta Sauce(/diaries/diary/food/; 8 comments)

May 2006

And thank you very much for asking!(/diaries/diary/life/; 1 comment)

Jun 2006

Proposed new internet slang(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 2 comments)
Go read Narbonic. Kiss your free time goodbye for the next week.(/diaries/diary/media/; comment)
I bet Utah could use more rain...(/diaries/diary/politics/; comment)
Disguised(/diaries/diary/food/; 1 comment)
Memoirs of a Baddie: an excerpt(/diaries/diary/; comment)
Short Shameful Confession: Cheese Edition(/diaries/diary/food/; 2 comments)
Balance(/diaries/diary/observed/; comment)

Jul 2006

Antonyms(/diaries/diary/glossary/; 7 comments)

Oct 2006

Two-actor theory (/diaries/diary/glossary/; 1 comment)

Jan 2007

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred(/diaries/diary/silly/; 3 comments)