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Mon, Jan 08, 2007

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred

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Tue, Oct 10, 2006

Two-actor theory

This is my coinage for the next step up from solopsism. Where the solopsist sees only one person in the universe, the two-actor theorist sees two: himself, and everybody else. It expresses itself in logic like "I can be mean to you because someone was mean to me this morning.

I rather suspect that modern urban living nourishes this sort of thinking. Our emotiional reactions aren't built for so many random anonymous encounters, so we cram "other person" into one team, to be handled collectively.

I find this concept useful enough that I suspect someone else must have coined a less-ungainly phrase for it already.

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Mon, Jul 24, 2006



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Tue, Jun 20, 2006


I like biking no-hands--it reminds me of how mysterious the way a bicycle works is. With my hands on the handlebars, I can succumb to the illusion that steering a bike is as linear and rational as driving a car. Let go of them, and the steering is by magic. I need to go left, and there's a little twitch of my hips, a little shift of my balance, and the bike angles off to my left. I don't understand what just happened. It makes me feel powerful and humbled all at once.

I wonder if toddlers feel this way about walking. By the time they're big enough to express such emotions, though, they're too blase to notice.

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Short Shameful Confession: Cheese Edition

I am an unregenerate cheese middlebrow. For me, the king of cheeses is extra-sharp cheddar--there's no cheese (and few foods of any kind) that I really enjoy more. My fridge always has cheddar, and usually has some cream cheese, a TJ's chevre log, and a tub of grated romano. I can go months without having the urge to try anything more exotic than those.

This isn't to say that I don't enjoy exotic cheeses--I just don't enjoy them as much those staples.

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