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In the summer of 2003, Charlotte and I decided to take a trip across the country by rental car (why a rental? Don't ask--it's complicated, dull, and annoying.), stopping at various friends along the way, seeing the sights, and culminating in our annual visit to the Burningman festival in Nevada. This is the diary we kept along the way.

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Rough Itinerary
14-20 Jamestown NY
20-21 Cleveland OH
21-24 Louisville KY
24-25 Memphis TN
25-26 Hot Springs AR
? Oklahoma City OK
? Albuquerque NM
30 Taos NM
31 Mesa Verde CO
? Grand Canyon AZ
6-8 Tucson
8-10 Phoenix AZ
10-11 Indio CA
11-13 Los Angeles CA
13-16 Yosemite CA
16-24 San Francisco CA
24 Tahoe CA
Reno NV
24-Sept 1 Black Rock City NV
2 Salt Lake City UT
3-11 ?????
12 Louisville KY

Fri, Jul 25, 2003

Sebastian writes:

Aaaaaaahhhh, Geek out!

Number, like, three, I guess, in a series.

I found out at Sarah & Todd's that the titles of my entries aren't showing as titles on the hiptop, but look fine under IE. Thi turns out to be because when I set up the /sebbo template, I nested the header tags inside the anchors, rather than vice versa. I forgot to fix it there, but it should only take a minute to do in Tucson.

The discman's shock handling turns out to be for shit. If I put it in the glove compartment, it skips constantly. The extra cushioning of my lap seems to solve the problem nicely, though.

The transponder works great. The rental car we picked up in louisville onlu takes CDs (no tapes), so it's definitely a good thing to have. I haven't bothered with the discman's car cord, since the rechargable batteries I put in are still at 3/4.

I've set the hiptop's spellchecker to automatically convert "p "s to "<p>"s, a trick of which I am inordinately proud.

Lotte put labeled tags on all the cords before leaving. Damn good idea, that.

Zero coverage at the state park we stayed in last night. On the other hand, where the hell you gonna put a cellular tower in a state park? Needless to say, there was no coverage in Mammoth Cave yesterday morning.

He's a very geeky boy,

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