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Mon, Jan 08, 2007

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred

goes public and to slide the toads did Geyer and Kimball in the way.
All newsy with a bar girl's animal brands out cricket.

Do where the Jabberwock my son is jaws despite the clause that couch.
Beware the Job Job her and shine the roominess addressed each

she took his affordable sword, in fact, long time to make some flow he sought.
Then rested he by a tom-tom tree and stood a lot to thought.

And as in the office thought he stood. The Jabberwock eyes of flame
came thing to the toes you would and purple can

1212 went through and through the role-played went snicker snack.
He left dead, and with its head. He went galumphing back.

And how spouse leaned the Jabberwock come to my arms my beamish boy.
Strategist Bay Curlew Calais he chortled in his July.

I was up early in the slide the toes did Geyer and Kimball in the way.
All means the with the Barbaro's and the Bomer adds out Cray

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comment by Aaron:

The same thing done years ago with an earlier Dragon version resulted in the phrase "horrible sorting hand", which has haunted me occasionally ever since.


comment by Sebbo:

I'm imagining some sort of Lovecraft/Rowling mashup. Come to think of it, that's almost certainly been done, hasn't it?

Myself, I'm rather delighted by the affordable sword.


comment by Chuck:

I thought you were announcing your engagement...

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