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Wed, Jun 14, 2006

Memoirs of a Baddie: an excerpt

It was a very exciting time to be involved in supervillainy. Evil Studies was just finally being taken seriously in academia, and a whole crop of theorists were totally reshaping the way we approach our field.

Dr. Sinistor at Columbia was producing fieldwork suggesting that shooting heroes in the head might prove more long-term effective than elaborate death traps.

At the University of Chicago, Zondor the Argumentative was critiquing the Transhuman Academy's archenemy seeding system that matched heroes to villains of comparable power levels.

And the New Malevolence school out at Berkeley was calling into the question the very foundations of our craft, and starting to argue that the disinterested pursuit of evil was outmoded, and that the modern age called for schemes with the potential for actual personal benefit. Well, that certainly upset a few applecarts, you can be sure!

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It amuses me that my frying pan currently resenbles one of those magazine illustrations on "healthy eating." Only, instead of boneless skinless chicken breasts and asparagus sauteeing in spray-on light margarine, it's chicken thighs and garlic scapes (yay, Kimball Farms booth at the farmer's market!) frying in bacon grease.

Also: new drink recipe.

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Mon, Jun 12, 2006

I bet Utah could use more rain...

After a sodden Boston Pride Parade, Chris Gabrielli was out pressing the extremely damp flesh at the festival on Boston Commons.

"Is there anything in your platform about all this damn rain?" I asked him.

"Well, obviously it's all Mitt Romney's fault," he answered immediately. "Get rid of him and the weather will improve."

It's no 'long enough to reach the ground,' but as politician snappy comebacks go, I thought it was pretty good.

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Go read Narbonic. Kiss your free time goodbye for the next week.

My favorite web comic, Narbonic, just went from paid to free archives today. Unfortunatley, navigation on the new site is still somewhere between 'rough' and 'impossible.'

Over the five-year run of the strip thus far, creator Shaenon Garrity's art has progressed from lousy to decent, but her intricate plotting and character-driven comedy started out strong and just got better.

If you're willing to take my word that it rocks, you can start at the beginning. If you'd rather risk a few spoilers to see it at its best first, try Professor Madblood and the Doppelganger Gambit, the plotline that promoted me from an occasional reader to an active fan.

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Fri, Jun 09, 2006

Proposed new internet slang

FODL: falls off dinosaur laughing, for sneering at very old jokes.

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