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Wed, Oct 05, 2005

Lux, Veritas, Lardum

Well-intentioned people may have told you that the theme for Burningman this year was "Psyche." They were misinformed. The 2005 theme was bacon. Crisp, thick cut, slightly chewy bacon, with just a bit of maple flavor.

The Official Newspaper, the Black Rock Gazette, was abruptly decomissioned this year, but the staff, in true burner spirit, rapidly raised funds, renamed their journal to the Black Rock Beacon, and put out a week of issues without official aid. Of particular interest was their new slogan--Lux, Veritas, Lardum, or, roughly translated, Light, Truth, Bacon.

This was my first year camping with a big, well organized theme camp (the mighty Automatic Subconscious), and I gotta say, the kitchen was a wonder. Dinner was the only communal meal (cooking for fifty was an educational and adrenaline-y experience), but the noshing was damn fine for the rest of the day too, with the aforementioned bacon not the end of the story by any means.

There were several other exciting cullinary adventures that week. Most notably, our Kitchen Goddess, Rachel, brought a jar of homemade preserved lemons for the chicken tagine she was going to make. Supplies were limited, but she let me try one the day before she was going to use them, and it was fantastic. Tart, bracingly salty, tender, and intensely aromatic. I immediately realized that they would make the world's best Martinis.

I arrived home intoxicated with the prospect of revolutionizing the Martini world, picked up a bunch of organic lemons at Harvest, and made myself two jars full. A month later, I have refined the formula a little, and won rave reveiews from a small circle of beta testers. The good news is that Moroccos (as I have dubbed them) are at least as good as I hoped. The bad news is that the idea is not so original as I had hoped. However, for posterity, I have compiled a few words on how to make your own Morocco

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Tue, Sep 27, 2005

Those wacky electrical engineers

I think I just got a pun that's deeply embedded in circuit notation. The symbol for electrical resistance is Ω and the units used are Ohms, after ninteenth century German physicist Georg Ohm. I don't know how symbols are usually assigned to units in physics, but I strongly suspect that this one was chosen because it's an Ohm-ega. Does anyone know otherwise?

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Wed, Sep 14, 2005

Happy Minor Injury Week!

Apparently it's Injury Week here at Silliness is Golden.

Yesterday Spike managed to strain her neck getting out of bed. Prudently worried about her sometimes fussy back, she attempted some morning stretches to limber it up. This appeared to work, but did a Bad Thing to her knee.

That afternoon I arrived at the pantry to help her haul veggies in time to watch a light cord snap and hit her in the eye. A few minutes later, a sudden return of the knee pain was bad enough to put her in a cold sweat.

Today, I picked up some fresh oysters at the Davis Square farmer's market, then moseyed over to Tags to buy an oyster knife. While I was browsing kitchen implements, a massive cutting board fell on my foot, which immediately began to swell and discolor. After accepting a couple ice packs and many consoling noises from the Tags folks, I limped home and set to work on my oysters.

You all see what's coming. I made it to #4 before my first major slip.

The hole I gouged in the heel of my palm stopped bleeding in response to a few minutes of pressure and elevation, and a bunch of exclamations which made up in volume for what they lacked in creativity. Only then did I think to hit the web, which is usually my first resort. Bolstered by a couple good tips (particularly the towel bit), the latter three went far more smoothly

Mmmm! Briny, tender, and with just a hint of sweetness at the end. They seemed saltier than usual--do restaurants usually rinse them off or soak them in fresh water or something?

Be careful, people. Please? This is not a meme I want to tag anyone with.

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Sat, Aug 27, 2005

Sebbo meets the Obedient Cat

I was having the aforementioned scrambled-egg breakfast on the charming patio of my Berkeley hotel. On the wall beside me sat a large handsome gray cat. After he'd been there a few minutes, disinterestedly watching me dig in, a man in kitchen whites emerged and looked at the cat. "Vamanos!" he said sternly. "Vamanos a la casa!"

The cat looked at him, but didn't move.

"Vamanos a la casa!

With painstakingly slow casualness, the cat got to his feet, leapt down off the wall, and meekly followed him off to another building. Now I've seen it all.

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I'm not hip enough even know what drugs the nice young man was trying to sell me. Sure sounded like he said, 'y'want trees? Gripes? Wheat?'

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