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Sun, Oct 16, 2005

Weirdest spam I've gotten in a while

whr marriages are made
(Create your porfile and his/her profile and send msg from     his/her 
and show it to your parents)

I think what they're getting at is that the site will help convince your parents to arange the marriage that you already desire...but I'm not sure. The site is a trip, with plenty of scrolling text and creative spelling, and a downright mischievous Javascript window resizer. Their ads feature a form field for manglik status, which I had to look up.

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Tue, Oct 11, 2005


Revenge is a dish best served cold. This is only one of the many ways the alert observer can tell it apart from french fries.

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Sat, Oct 08, 2005

Cancer is *definitely* not a family value

Words fail me. News of a new vaccine effective against Human Papilloma Virus has brought a remarkable
passage from the Family Research Council's February newsletter back into circulation. I quote extensively to avoid any danger of taking out of context:

Although we support research on vaccines and medicines against diseases, including sexually transmitted ones, we see potential harm in giving young people vaccines against STDs. First, young people are risk-takers; they may think a vaccination is a license to engage in premarital sex. Second, vaccinations may help to reduce the risk of one disease, but young people may be exposed to new and unknown risks. Third, there is no vaccination for ailments of the heart. What will protect young people from the loneliness and regret they are likely to experience after premarital sex? Abstinence is the best medicine available for STDs; no one has ever needed a vaccine or antibiotic to treat a case of abstinence.

Sure, they weasel and waffle and never come out clearly against vaccinating children against fatal diseases, but they're sure as fuck not in favor of it.

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Son of Missing Words

We have hungry and thirsty and sleepy and horny. But what about desires that are no less real for being somewhat less universal? What about when you need a drink? Or a cigarette? What about when you need to curl up with a good book, punch a few walls, write some poetry, play Freecell till your eyes water? English seems sorely lacking in a vocabulary of specialized desire.

Someone who wished to end the oppression of women is called a feminist. What's someone who wishes to end the oppression of people of color called? What about someone who wishes to end the oppression of queer folks?

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Fri, Oct 07, 2005


Black Rock City is about two miles across, and much of the most interesting art is a couple miles out from that, in deep playa. Some sort of transportation is all but manditory at this point if you're gonna do much exploring.

A bike is by far the easiest solution, but even that has its problems. It's an expensive pain to transport one from the East, and the playa dust is gonna thrash the hell out of any bike you take. Buying a cheapie in Reno, and giving it to a thrift store on the way out isn't a bad option, but leaves you at the mercy of the fates with regard to what you end up with, and gives you little room to decorate or customize your ride.

There's another, subtler, problem with bikes that Jackiejack pointed out to me: a lot of the delight of Black Rock City arises in the random interactions you fall into when you thought you were trying to get from one place to another. A bicycle isolates you, puts you in a little bubble of goal-orientedness that tends to insulate you from most incidental interactions while you're on the saddle.

Considering my options, I started wondering about kick scooters.

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