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Tue, Jun 20, 2006

Short Shameful Confession: Cheese Edition

I am an unregenerate cheese middlebrow. For me, the king of cheeses is extra-sharp cheddar--there's no cheese (and few foods of any kind) that I really enjoy more. My fridge always has cheddar, and usually has some cream cheese, a TJ's chevre log, and a tub of grated romano. I can go months without having the urge to try anything more exotic than those.

This isn't to say that I don't enjoy exotic cheeses--I just don't enjoy them as much those staples.

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comment by ruthling:

I can't help it.... mmm.... cheese... :)


comment by Lab Lemming:

You have nothing to be ashamed of. I, on the other hand, am a binge cheeser. I can go for months, years, even, eating nothing but your average store-bought product. But then, without warning, the urge hits, and I seek out places like the Milawa Cheese Factory for their obscure and potent creations. When gripped by this fever, no moldering pile is too pungent; no fuzzy mound is too fetid. The taste of putrefaction becomes a siren's call to dash my intestinal track onto the rocks of biological activity. I can sit there, in front of a hundred bucks of milk-based biohazard, and rationally tell myself, "Eating this thing will give me green diarrhea for two weeks." But the knife drops of its own volition, and cuts through that fungal crust into the pustular inner boil. Be thankful that you never get the urge for anything more potent than cheddar. There are severe ramifications for those of us who ingest biodiversity on the scale of national parks and genetic reserves. Be thankful you never need to experience this madness.

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