Older pictures

henna'ed hands
On our flight out in '98, Charlotte asked the stewardess for a cup, some toothpicks, and lime wedges. Then she hauled out a bottle of powdered henna,and we set to work. L to R: Me, Julia, Charlotte.

Me, grinning
Charlotte's favorite picture of me. Note Ben's shoulder-mounted Long Arms™ in the background.

Julia and Bunny
Julia with a cute fuzzy bunny rabbit.

Julia and, um, sculpture
Julia with another friend

Charlotte & Ladybug
Charlotte and friend

Flags in wind
Flag art in dust storm. Photo by Charlotte

group shot
A '99 group shot in our van-based shade structure. L to R: Julia, Andrew, Charlotte, and myself.

Stilts and a sunshower: the perfect combination.

dawn drum circle
Charlotte, up before the sun, found a group of folks who had been drumming all night. Their hands showed it.

The Mirror Monks
Another playa art installation. Photo by Charlotte.

The Burningmen
The Burningmen. Photo by Julia.

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